Friday, November 27, 2015

Be Irresistible

Hello sweeties,
As you all have seen, awhile ago I've received this amazing 8 in 1 curler set from Irresistible Me. I'm not the professional type of beauty guru on youtube or whatever, but I must say I totally love this set because it's super simple to use. You don't need to be a pro hair stylist to use it. I wanted to do a video, a basic one to see how easy and nice it is to make beautiful curls. I had one from Baby Bliss, but I wasn't very happy with it, my curls being gone before I went out. With the Saphire 8 in 1 curler set please believe me that I have super cool curls even the next day! 
In this tutorial, you'll se how I do them. Again, I'm not the pro type and not that fabulous girl with long thick hair that you see in your average tutorials, but that is what I want to point out - that this set is for everyone and no matter your hair type, everyone can use it. You have these two buttons to fix the temperature you need and also, you can have it in F or C degrees :) ( nice idea).
The only thing I needed to buy is an extension plug because the set is previewed for England or America ( I think) use. Here in Europe we have different snuffs. :)

I really wanted loose curls. And I like brushing the once they're finished so you really can have that natural look you know...
Some helpful tips: 
- If you have an error on the curler screen, try to push better the curler head into the curler body.
- Always wear your thermic hand glove that you'll find in the set ( it's terrific btw)
- To keep the hot curler safe from burning your furniture, make sure to use the little holder you have in your set. Another awesome thing that I love
- When curling, I left aprox 10 sec the hair on the curler to have a perfect curl. It depends on the hair type actually. I have really thin hair. 
- Although many gurus curl their hair immediately after washing it (the same day), I prefer to wait for the next day. As I said, I have really thin hair and I don't like to damage it more. =)

- Wide range of possibilities with the 8 heads
- Option for changing F to C
- Option for choosing your preferred temperature 
- The set itself - design and everything
- The handy thermic hand glove
- The little curler holder to use when the curler is heated up
- The quality of the product

- I really don't have anything to say bad about it.
It's an excellent product.

How deep is your love

Hi guys,
So, looks like things have calmed over here. I've managed to go out a little although it's super cold, but luckily I had my cozy poncho from SheIn that I've matched with my Asos ripped jeans, Dresslink snow boots ( really similar to Uggs and quite comfortable). As for the accessories, I went simple; a pair of sunnies and my leather bracelets from CNDirect. For the price, I thought choosing to wear more it would make a cool effect ! 

What I wore:
- SheIn poncho ( find it here)
- Asos jeans
- CNDirect leather bracelet ( find it here)
- Dresslink snow boots ( find them here)
- New Look backpack

Thank you for visiting my blog :)
Don't forget to come by maybe tonight for a new outfit ! ^^

Thursday, November 26, 2015

Hello from the other side

Hi guys,
So I'm back in Brussels :), very busy and very late and with so many other things to do. It's always like this when I miss a few days. But I love my job, so I think everything will sort itself out. Things have also calmed a little ( I think)... Anyway, I would like to bring you today's outfit proposition. 
Very chic and quite simple to put together. The key items are: my CNDirect sweater, theYOYOMELODY silver skirt, Oasap hat and Jeffrey Campbell over-the-knee boots. Now for the accessories, I've just added these superbe necklaces from oNecklace which are absolutely fabulous! Do you know you can customise the inscription for the necklace or any jewellery items from their shop? I think this could be an awesome gift for yourself or your loved ones. And to show my appreciation for you, my lovely readers, I would like to bring you a 10% off using this here code when checking out:  fbwl10

What I wore:
- CNDirect sweater ( find it here)
- YOYOMELODY skirt ( find it here)
- Jeffrey Campbell over the knee boots ( find the selection here)
- Zara coat
- Celine bag
- Oasap hat ( find it here) -use fashionista to get extra 5% off
- oNecklace name necklaces ( find them here)

Thank you so much for visiting the blog and I do hope you'll be back tomorrow for a new ootd :)

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Dresswe Black Friday Dresses

Hi sweeties,
Well, I would have loved to bring you a new ootd as you are all used to, and I even had the usb with me with all the pictures, but I don't know what happened today and it didn't work anymore and all my pictures are gone! I promise I'll make it up to y'all and post on Friday two looks :). 
Until then, I have a really awesome article about occasion dresses. Since the holidays are just around the corner I thought this would be a nice opportunity to share with you some favorite dresses from Dresswe. They are actually have an event now - the Dresswe Black Friday Dresses sales 2015
Here you have some personal picks that I totally love:

- Find it here -

So, I really hope you like my selection. :)
And I totally recommend you pay the  Dresswe Black Friday Dresses event a visit to choose what could be your next dress for the holidays :)

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

The big Sale

Hey guys,
I wanted just to let you know that Shopbop is having a huge sale ! Hurry up and pick all your favorite pieces before they're all gone :) 
I'm heading to their website myself to pick some awesome items that I'm sure you'll see on my outfit posts very soon. 
To know more about the sale, term and conditions, I advise you to check out this link.
Happy shopping ! :)


Hi guys,
Hope your week is going well. I'm still in Romania for a few days and although my friends beg me to stay here, I'll be back in Brussels on Thursday evening. Life must go on! It's all in God's hands - our fate, our health, our death. 
That being said, in my hands lays today's beautiful look ! :) I shoot the pictures a few days ago and I remember I loved so much this skirt from SheIn.. it goes so well with this lace blouse I have for awhile now. I won't spoil the surprise anymore and I'm inviting you to check out what I'm wearing for today:

What I wore:
- Mango blouse
- SheIn skirt ( find it here)
- Versace for H&M boots 
- Morgan de Toi wallet

Thank you all for all your support and messages in these harsh times. I am ok and with no fear whatsoever :) ! Show must go on <3

Monday, November 23, 2015

The siege

Hello sweeties,
As you've probably heard on the news Brussels is now under siege and everything is closed - the metro lines, the schools…the silence is rough and people are scared. You can see that in their eyes. The IS has won! Terror was spread upon Brussels… Nothing bad happened yet, but it feels like we're rats in a cage just waiting our execution. The Gouvernement is not saying anything, just giving us a sense of anguish that is not fun at all! 
I'm parting for Romania for a few days. The little family I have in Brussels will stay on the spot. I'm hoping nothing bad will happen and that I'll see them soon safe and sound.
Continuing my fashionable journey (because ISIS hasn't won over me and show must go on), I'm back with a new comfy outfit today featuring my lovely Oasap cropped top that has this cute laced-up detail that I love so much!  I've matched it with these CNDirect jeans, Bershka sneakers, PersunMall satchel and Jord watch.

What I wore:
- Oasap cropped top ( find it here)
- CNDirect jeans ( find them here)
- Bershka sneakers
- Persun Mall bag

Thank you for viewing the look and don't forget that you have an extra 5% off on Oasap orders using this code at checkout: fashionista 

Sunday, November 22, 2015

The day after

Hello sweeties,
Since it's Sunday, you all know how I totally love to share with you amazing elegant looks and if yesterday's look was beautiful, the one for today is also a piece of heaven ! 
The stunning blue dress comes from Findress. Now Findress produces and sells various custom-made special occasion dresses, wedding dresses and wedding party dresses at cheap prices with high quality. Every dress is elaborately handmade for you. Their ultimate goal is providing you the better online shopping experience and creating amazing dresses.

What I wore:
- Findress evening dress ( find it here)
- Gucci sandals
- Zara clutch 

My hair was curled using this awesome 8 in 1 saphire Curler from Irresistible Me. I will be back with a little before and after look :)
Really hope you like this look as well! 
I'm super excited to read all your comments :)